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İda Dojo “Deepening” Movement Residency

Mart 6 Nisan 2

İda Dojo is opening a residency program called “Deepening” for the practitioners (movement or martial arts).

We would like to invite local and international practitioners; to support their progress and research in their disciplines, open a space for deepen their practice. Artist who would like to attend to this program can be coming with a research, project or concept, that they can develop and share with the others. Or they can ignite a research here with the inspiration from the here.

Why are we starting this program;

  • Invite experienced bodies (1 year experience in one of our fields) into the venue.
  • Start a movement research and feed each other
  • Opening space for the people who’d like to research, share and practice

Who can apply? 

  • Practitioners of Aikido, Tai Chi, Yoga or Contact Improvisation who has 1 or more years of practice. 
  • Who has experience in other movement disciplines
  • Ambitious practitioners who is willing to research and deepen their practice. 
  • Curious practitioners who already have a question / research idea

Program (2- 4 weeks) 

  • Free to join classes all weekdays. Attending as much as class in the discipline that you are dedicated/ curious
  • 2 or 3 times a week intensive work/ research with the teachers
  • 1 – 2 weekend working / hiking in İda Mountains
  • 2 to 4 workshop / sharings to the students.

Conditions and Facilities

Accomodation and daily life: 

Program participants can stay in dojo with their sleeping bags. You can use the mattresses to sleep in the Dojo. We would be using the Dojo as a “common living and practising space” as we are attending classes all week. We would be having tea, coffee together, cooking and eating together so that participants also become part of the Life in Dojo. 

Facilities: Hot water, electricity, mini fridge, Wİ-Fİ.  

  • Participants can cook when there is no class
  • There would be 3 participants selected for the program
  • Participants would be helping up for the Dojo cleaning etc 1 hour / day


Accommodation and Facilities (food not included) 

2 weeks: 200 Euro 

3 weeks: 300 Euro

4 weeks: 350 Euro 

(Open for donation) 

Apply till 31st January. Program residents would be announced on 6th February.

Application Form

You can contact us via idadojo@gmail.com